Coworking Paris 10th district

You don’t know where to work with your laptop?

For 1 hour or more choose your cosy place to Work in Paris 10th arrondissement.

Our coworking spaces are both in the same neigbourhood of Paris 10th arrondissement. You can easily try both spaces, it would take you 3 minutes only (280m) to walk from one coworking to the other. If you take a 7 days offer, you can freely alternate beteween coworking spaces of Le Rocroy Hôtel & SPA and Avalon Hôtel.

1 hour


1 Day


7 Days


Le Rocroy Hôtel & SPA

Le Rocroy Hôtel & SPA is your coworking space in 13 rue Rocroy, Paris 10ème arrondissement.

Le Rocroy

Avalon Hôtel

Avalon Hôtel is your coworking space in 131 Boulevard de Magenta, Paris 10ème arrondissement.


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