Meeting room


Klimt Room

The Klimt room is ideal for meetings. It has the largest center accommodation capacity. Modern and comfortable design, it will bring you the necessary dynamism to your seminars, presentations and product launches.

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Monet Room

Perfectly thought for smaller meetings, smaller presentations or available as an additional workspace, this room of 17 m2 is also totally convertible. This room will bring you comfort and intimacy, for perfect working conditions.

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Botero Room

Perfect for meetings or presentations in small groups, up to 11 people. Located in the basement, this room is soundproofed, windowless exterior.

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Hopper Room

Modern with a rectangular shape, this room of 34 m2 is perfectly conceived for all your presentations, up to 30 people. Ideally situated in the basement, you can realize your presentations in a peaceful and quit atmosphere.

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Turner Room

A very bright room with 4 windows, for a total space of 45 m2, this room can welcome up to 32 people. The modern arrangement and the colored walls create a stimulating and pleasant working atmosphere.

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Warhol Room

The Warhol room is the most spacious room with its 55 m2. Bright with its integrated spotlights and large windows, it creates a pleasant environment that you can modulate at your convenience to accommodate up to 50 people.

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